Jame mosque of Yazd

Name: Jame mosque of Yazd

Artist: Samira Abedi

Technique: Ink on the Dutch Replica paperboard

Size: 50*70 cm

Date: 2016

Location: Yazd-Iran

The 12th-century mosque is still in use today. It was first built under Ala’oddoleh Aarshasb of the Al-e Aouyeh dynasty. The mosque was largely rebuilt between 1324 and 1365, and is one of the outstanding 14th century buildings of the Iran. According to the historians, the mosque was constructed in the site of the Sasanid fire temple and Ala’oddoleh Garshasb commenced building the charming mosque. The previous mosque was constructed by order of Ala’oddoleh Kalanjar in 6th century A.H. however the main construction of the present building was done by order of “Seyed Rokn Al-din Mohammad QAZ.